Hello, I'm Dom the Wop. Some people know me as the guy who coded Autoblogger Pro Stand Alone. Autoblogger Pro is an automated traffic generation system that enables webmasters and SEO professionals to rapidly deploy a network of keyword-targeted blogs onto a variety of platforms. These platforms may include sites running the WordPress content management software, as well as blogs hosted at services such as BlogSome, WordPress.com, and others.

Please note: Although Autoblogger is still sold under the same name, I no longer maintain it, and receive no compensation from the company selling it without my permission. Because of this, I am unable to provide any support or suggestions for this product, so please do not inquire. Until we solve our legal differences, I will also be unable to provide anyone with the software itself.

Others may know me as the creator of the Feed Pushers system, an RSS solution to create morphing feeds for affiliates. With a regular RSS feed, when an affiliate "pulls" the feed, they get the same copy of the feed text everyone else gets. Google and other search engines then penalize the affiliate site for duplicate content. Feed Pushers solves this problem by providing unique text and content for each affiliate "pull" from the RSS feed. Although Feed Pushers is a very complex system that utilizes natural text writing and context-specific sentence structures, it is simple and free for affiliates to use.

I am frequently engaged to build enterprise-level applications for technology companies. Many of these projects I'm unable to talk about, but they keep me engaged and interested in my work. My current "showpiece" project creates content automatically using sophisticated algorithms and then posts it to a variety of blogs, forums, and other types of sites. This massive network of PR-rich and keyword-optimized sites then provides outbound links to other sites, creating excellent search engine optimization and keyword ranking.

Although I'm a Yankee originally from Connecticut, I've lived in a number of other places, including Silicon Valley, California during the dot-com fiasco of the late 90's. Recently, I lived on Lake Gaston, on the North Carolina and Virginia border. The view from my house was spectacular and relaxing. The sunrise was (and likely still is) also quite breathtaking. I have now relocated to sunny Florida with my beautiful girlfriend, Bridgette. I traded the lake for the beach.

Some of my interests include Quantum Physics, especially the sub-fields of Quantum Entanglement, Chemical Thermodynamics, and Quantum Teleportation.

My less-nerdy pursuits include wakeboarding, which has led to some great wipe-outs, fantastic bruises, and epic friendships. I can strap on a board and eat sh*t just like everyone else.

I also enjoy playing with Photoshop and rooting for the New York Yankees. My love for the Yankees runs deep: I have an NYY tattoo on my back.

Earlier in my career, I served as the Vice President of Business Development for a Silicon Valley company called BeOpen. They hired the team that created the Python Programming Language, and released Python 2.0. Python is a widely utilized language today, boasting such users as Google, NASA, Disney, IBM, Red Hat, HP, and many others.

For a few seasons, I played defensive end for the New England Knights, a minor league football team. I had the pleasure of being on the team during a fantastic championship season, where we allowed only a single touchdown over the entire regular season schedule, and won the championship with a flawless record. For a guy who was 165 pounds in high school, bulking up to 230 lbs has made me into a very different person physically.

After maintaining this weight for many years, I decided to enter competitive mixed martial arts. I've fought at weight classes from 186 to 265, and have become an expert at managing my body composition to make the required weights fairly effortlessly. To share the knowledge I've gained from these pursuits, I started a Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting Blog to help explain my methods and perhaps assist others.

You may contact me by using my first name @ the domain you're on now, via ICQ (501917), or on Facebook.